Dänische Bands bei Roskilde

News am 8. Februar 2007 von Ralf

Nachdem die internationalen Stars der Red Hot Chilli Peppers und Björk schon bestätigt wurden, kommen nun beim dänischen Riesenfestival Roskilde erstmal die dänischen Bands zum Zuge. Es sind wohl einige talentierte junge dänsiche Bands dabei, aber lest selbst (aus dem aktuellen Newsletter):

THE BROKEN BEATS have been a highly regarded name for long across the German border where they have released records for years – without being detected on Danish radars. However, with In the Ruin for the Perfect from 2006 it seems that now Danish people are also realising that we are dealing with an extraordinary manufacturer of deceitfully simple pop songs.

MANI SPINX has swiftly attracted lots of Danes’ attention with his multi-artistic strategy. Besides the music, he creates a personal brand out of scary and funny street art. Musically, he is impudent like an alley cat, mixing together neo-classical songwriting, funk and soul.

MOI CAPRICE romps in the same inner city shadows as Brett Anderson and Morrissey. The band plays grandiose and theatrical songs – high-flown pop tunes made for the drama on the wobbly boards of life. Moi Caprice has something on offer, both for dancing indie pop girls and older, yearning city melancholics.

OH NO ONO have found a perfect match between their flamboyant appearance and their music. Imagine a garage version of Prince with the Muppet Show cast as the backing band, then you will have a general idea of Oh No Ono’s massive and mad sound.

THE PSYKE PROJECT have already gained some recognition abroad as a Danish counterpart to musical extremities such as Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan. Their music is a melting pot of everything metallic, heavy and malevolent. The Psyke Project are some of the most uncompromising practitioners of Danish metal.

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  1. Nummer 1: Festival News » Archiv » Roskilde News: Bands aus Dänemark und Norwegen sagt:

    […] Das geht ja jetzt Schlag auf Schlag beim Roskilde Festival… es werden fast täglich neue Bands vorgestellt… heute sind es mal wieder ein paar News zu den lokalen Bands aus Dänemark und Norwegen. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a handful of strong acts from our friends up North for this summer’s Roskilde Festival. Once again, Norway delivers artists of international calibre – whether you are into Autumn-tinted acoustic music or ultra-modern electro-post-punk. […]

  2. Nummer 2: Music Jams sagt:

    Soweit werde ich nicht fahren können, dennoch fahre ich zum deutschen Hurricane Konzert hier in Deutschland. Wird sicher auch gut werden.

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