Occultfest – Hoogeveen 31.08.-01.09.2007

News am 28. August 2007 von Ralf

Gastbeitrag in Englisch über das Occultfest in Holland – Ende August (dieses Wochenende).

My second time that I can visit the Occultfest in the Netherlands. So you should check it out, the price is really cheap, the bands are great and the atmosphere is one of best I have ever seen on festivals. Here a short introduction.

Entrance: Free
Camping: €5,- including Breakfast (1 or 2 nights)

The billing:

5 shots ‚o whiskey – http://www.5shotsofwhiskey.com/
Rock `n Roll at its best from the Netherlands.

Snaggletooth – http://www.snaggletooth.nl/
Motörhead Cover Band from the Netherlands

Staal – http://www.staalrock.nl/site/pages/start.html
Old School Rock from the Netherlands.

Entrance: €10,-
(by online reservation, entrance free)
Camping: 5,- including Breakfast (1 or 2 nights)

The 8th Sin – http://www.the8thsin.eu/
A mix of Hardcore with PowerMetal and Thrash and Death

One Bullet Left – http://www.onebulletleft.nl/
Thrash Metal deststroying your ears from the Netherlands.

Apocrypha – http://www.apocrypha.nl/
Black Metal with a lot of melody from the Netherlands

Myrkvar – http://www.myrkvar.nl/
FolkMetal from the Nethelands – great stuff.

Burning Hatred – http://www.burninghatred.net/
Great dutch Death Metal from Hell.

X-TinXion – http://www.x-tinxion.com/
Thrash Metal from the Netherlands with female vox.

Mythlorian – http://www.mythlorian.nl/
Pagan Metal with lot of melody and ass kick.

Inhume – http://www.inhume.nl/
Finest Old School Grindcore from the Netherlands

Deluzion – http://www.deluzion.nl/
Death-Thrash Metal from the Netherlands.

Detonation – http://detonation.wingsofdeath.nu/news.php
Technical Deathmetal from the Netherlands. Great live Band.

Another Messiah – http://www.anothermessiah.com/
GothicMetal with much atmosphere.

Hecate Enthroned – http://www.hecate-enthroned.co.uk/
Black Metal from UK that goes direct in the stomach.

Next Waste Dimension – http://www.nextwastedimension.com/
Industrial Metal with nice synth from the Netherlands.

Pentacle – http://www.pentacle.nl/
Old School mixture of Black- Deathmetal. One of the greatest bands from the Netherlands. Check it out!!!

Die Website der ganzen Veranstaltung findet ihr hier http://www.occultfest.nl/

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