5 Neue beim Roskilde

News am 7. März 2007 von Ralf

Mit den Beastie Boys und The Killers werden heute nochmal 2 große Acts für das Roskilde Festival in Dänemark bestätigt. Aber auch Mando Diao und die beiden anderen Neulinge fügen sich wunderbar in das mittlerweile 25 Bands umfassende Lineup ein. Da kommt aber garantiert noch mehr ;-)

BEASTIE BOYS (US) are still one of the most important and influential figures in hip hop with their trendsetting videos and total lack of musical shyness.

THE KILLERS (US) plays grandiose and epic rock in the vein of especially Springsteen and U2.

MANDO DIAO (S) have it all: rocking riffs, catchy tunes and a faultless blend of NYC garage rock and britpop conceived in provincial Sweden.

PETER BJORN AND JOHN (S) shifts between a shoegazing sound softer than butter left out in the sun, and the strong, melodic craft of folk pop. But genre definitions are unneccesary here – these frictionless tunes would withstand almost every conceivable treatment.

QUIT YOUR DAYJOB (S) deliver short punk rock songs containing cheeky lyrics and titles such as “Pissing on a Panda.” Surf and electro are let into the lowbrow universe – and singer Jonass often sounds like an unknown son or grandson of Jello Biafra from southern Sweden.

Rock, punk, hip hop, indie: All trends are present in this week’s announcement with a wide span both musically and geographically – from the big city of New York to the Swedish province, from imposing stadium rock to humorous surf-punk.

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