TIMEGATE Festival 2015

31. Dezember -01. Januar 2015 - schon vorbei


31.12.2014 (Mi) - 01.01.2015 (Do)

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Progressive & Psytrance
CH-2900 Porrentruy
2000 Besucher erwartet
Festivalticket ca. 53€+VVK

Infos zum TIMEGATE Festival 2015

TIMEGATE 2015 SYMBIOSIS - After 10 editions of Timegate festival, we decided to have a break this year 2014. Well no ! We've changed our minds. We propose for the night of December 31, 2014, an edition called Timegate 2015 - Symbiosis.

One night with a main floor (progressive & psy trance) and a parallel floor (downtempo, progressive, techno, deep trance). We carry a whole new visual project in frontal stage edition never seen before. We hope you will enjoy the whole of our festival and take care of yourself.

Main Floor
22h-14h //: Progressive & Psy Trance

// : Live Acts *
D-root (hadra) F
Manmachine (tesseract, Bmss) Srb
Nerso (tesseract) Srb
Sub6 (hommega) Isr
Zen Mechanics (sourcecode Transmissions) Nl
Zentura (fm Booking – Iboga) Nl / Isr

// : Dj's *
Boom Shankar (bmss) Ger
Kokmok (hadra) F
Mercury Fall (moonloop ) Ch
Mizoo (unseen Music) Ch > 2 Hours Outro Set @ Main Floor

Parallel Floor
18h - 14h //: Downtempo_ Progressive_techno_deep Trance

Live Acts :
Astropilot (altar) Ru
Beat Bizarre (iboga) Dk
Excizen (soundmute, H&h, Boshke Beats) Srb

// : Dj's
Almacalma (moonloop) Ch
Devin (tribal Vision Records) Ch
Fafa (biolive) Ch
Gagarin Project (altar) Fr/ua
Hara (formigapsy / Biolive) Ch
Meskal - Ch
Runa (psybient.org) Ua
Spiral Hand (tribe Of Surya - Intensive) Ch
Wicked Bitch - F

Visuals :
Mainfloor And Second Floor Project

Vj Psyentific Vizualizations (visual Kmysts) Uk
Www.facebook.com/psyviz Http://www.psyviz.co.uk/
Vj Xamaru : (visual Kmysts) Bg

Vj Virus (visual Kmyst/vizual Invaderz) Fr

Deko Crews :
Mainfloor Global New Project Created By

Iv-3d (summer Never Ends, Timegate, ….)
Nils & G‘rare (psyberpunk, Zoom, Timegate, …)

Parallel Floor By :

Technic And Show :
 Impact-vision (www.impact-vision.ch)
Perfect Sound L-acoustics System
Unique Light Show
Video Installation
Powerfull Laser Show
Stage Design

Performances :
Coming Soon

History: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

TIMEGATE Festival - LineUp 2014

Für das TIMEGATE Festival 2015 sind 25 Bands bestätigt:
Almacalma, Astropilot, Beat Bizarre, Boom Shankar, D-root, Devin, Excizen, Fafa, Gagarin Project, Hara, Kokmok, Manmachine, Mercury Fall, Meskal, Mizoo, Nerso, Runa, Spiral Hand, Sub6, VJ Psyentific Vizualizations, VJ Virus, VJ Xamaru, Wicked Bitch, ZEN MECHANICS, Zentura

einige dieser Bands spielen/spielten auch auf folgenden Festivals:
Timegate 2012 (5), TRIBAL GATHERING 2013 (3), N.O.M.A.D. 2011 (3), Nexus (2), VooV Experience 2016 (2), TIMEGATE FESTIVAL 2013 (2)



Website: www.biolive.ch

Karten für TIMEGATE Festival 2015

Presales | Préventes:
Price /Prix : 65CHF + taxes / 53EUR + Taxes
sur www.biolive.ch

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Sur Place :
Price /Prix : 75CHF / 60EUR

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