20.-26. Dezember 2013 - schon vorbei


20.12.2013 (Fr) - 26.12.2013 (Do)

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Trance, Psy-trance, Progressive and Techno, Psy-Chill, Dubstep, Minimal, funkiest House
PA La Iguana
1000 Besucher erwartet
Festivalticket ca. 65€+VVK


Lotus Stage
The epicentre of Tribal Gathering, featuring the very best international Psy-trance, Progressive and Techno acts from around the world. We are inviting artists, architects, designers, decorators and creative visionaries to help us create an area that will inspire and spark our imaginations.
Global Stage
The alternative music venue. A wonderful curved and dramatically tiered stone amphitheatre cut into a natural gully with two swimming pools to cool off in.. An eclectic variety of music from local and international artists, Ambient, Psy-Chill, Dubstep, Minimal and the funkiest House will ensure there’s music for all tastes and moods.
Global Village
The festival will start here with an Inter Tribal Symposium.
Several Indigenous tribes will be present, hosting talks, workshops, theatre and dance.
You will find all things related to living in harmony with each other and our natural environment. Its a productive zone, the place to learn more about how to live in our world - from the city to the tribal village, power generation to permaculture. This tipi village will contain a visionary art gallery "Art Sphere", Geohaven the conference area, Holistic and Wellness Zones, an Artisan Market and Restaurants.

History: 2013, 2012


Für das TRIBAL GATHERING 2013 sind 120 Bands bestätigt:
28, Acida Cororation, Aerospace, Andy B, Asimilion, Atmos, Barakuda, Beardy, Beardy Weardy, Bia Trixx, Blue Man, Brian P, Burn In Noise, Celetial, Chicodelico, Ching Vibes, Chris, Chris B, Cosmic Shaman, Cristalphoenix, Crystal Dna, D-cosmic, Damaru, Dan Covan, Dashdot, Dave Lunatic, Dee Aura, Dick Trevor, Dickster, Diego Coelho, Digoa, Dimitri, Dimitri Nakov, Dirty Saafi, Dj's, Dovla, Edoardo, Edoardo Marvaso, Ekanta, Elio Riso, Elisio Romero, Emok, ENTHEOGENIC, Etic, Facing Odds, Frank E, Gabriel Boni, Gandulk, Gee Van D, Giss Oro, Green Nuns Of The Revolution, Greg & Matt, Hopper, Illegal Machines, Impulse Response, Ipcress, Jean K, Juan Low Bass, Kambro, Komka, Koxbox, Kristian, Kuba, Labirinto, Liftshift, Liquid Ross, M.a.c.k, MaelstrÖm, Mai Perrelli, Manu Desrets, Marcelo Fatset, Marcelo V.o.r, Marcodelix, Marta De La Mata, Massern, Mebjar, Mind Pulse, Moon, Murillo Mongelo, Murli- Bpm Bpm, Mythos, Nevermind, Nimrod, Niquim, Norbert Davenport, Nuky, Nuyarao, Odiseo, Osho, Pedrao, PERFECT STRANGER, Phoenix, Phunkdub, Psylenze, Psymmetrix, R2, Riches, Robin Triskele, Schasko Cwb, Shove, Sixty.six.k, Soneca, Sunshow, Swarup, Swarup's Brain, Symbolic, Tea Lyrics, The First Stone, The Froggy Proggy, Tommi Pixan, Tripswitch, Tron, Trotter, Trusty, U-RECKEN, Yosh, Zen, ZEN MECHANICS, Zentura, Zumbi

einige dieser Bands spielen/spielten auch auf folgenden Festivals:
N.O.M.A.D. 2011 (10), Spirit Base 2012 (9), Antaris Project 2012 (6), Spirit Base 2011 (6), Transahara 2011 - Nowhere is Here (6), Antaris Project 2014 (5)


Contact us through our website.


Karten für TRIBAL GATHERING 2013

Ticket Prices
Starting at 65 Euros. Visit our website for more information on offers and outlets.
Camping is free.
There is a hostel on site contact La Iguana for more information on rates and availability.
Many more hostels and hotels can be found 12km down the road in Penonome.

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