Nightmare Outdoor

16. Mai 2009 - schon vorbei

5. Nightmare Outdoor

16.05.2009 (Sa)

Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Oldschool, Terror
NL- Hellendoorn
15000 Besucher erwartet
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Infos zum Nightmare Outdoor

On Saturday 16 May the biggest and greatest outdoor hardcore festival of the Netherlands - A Nightmare Outdoor: The Last Daylight - will stir some great things again at a whole new location.

This new location on the Luttebergerweg in Hellendoorn near Zwolle. A big and stretched-out forest, this location is the perfect place to create the exquisite dark and gloomy Nightmare atmosphere. Several outdoor stages will be build right between the trees and the whole terrain will be filled with freaky acts and scary surprises. When the darkness falls, a full featured light, laser and FX-show make sure everyone keeps dancing until the very end.



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Germany: Feierreisen / +49 1606 034 999. Germany & Denmark: Corestyle

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