Folk Punk Rock Festival 2013

01.-02. Februar 2013 - schon vorbei

Dies ist der Folk Punk Rock Festival Archiveintrag von 2013, es gibt aber aktuelle Infos für 2014
Folk Punk Rock Festival 2014 - 08. März 2014 - Location: Berlin

2. Folk Punk Rock Festival

01.02.2013 (Fr) - 02.02.2013 (Sa)

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Punk, Rock, Folk
Berlin, Deutschland 
10999 BERLIN
800 Besucher erwartet
Festivalticket ca. 18€+VVK

Infos zum Folk Punk Rock Festival 2013

FPRF round # 2 is now on !!!

After the great first time success of FolkPunkRockFestival in 2012 with shows from The Real McKenzies and Sir Reg, just to name a few wonderful bands, we are happy to announce the first band names of the 2013 version of our sweet little festival adventure ,hosted in the legendary SO36 club located in Berlins musical heart called Kreuzberg 36 !

We are looking forward to see the comeback of one of Englands best folky bands THE MEN THEY COULDN’T HANG, as this will be their first show on the mainland after more than 10 long years of absence. A band of music, but also political believes, maybe best orchestrated through their song about the Cable Street riot, where the people of London town smashed the british fascists in 1936. A day to remember and a win to be celebrated today !

BASTARDS ON PARADE from the celtic part of Spain, Galizia, will join the party and show us their version of a good time with a folky tune and a punky attitute.
Aspy, BOPs bagpipe player, also plays with The Real McKenzies, so will have him onstage for the second time already ! Viva the Bastards !

ROUGHNECK RIOT from Warrington, near Manchester, England, will bring us their new album, which will be released on Bomber Records in September and as we had the joy to listen to it, we can already tell: this is the new Pogues and they will rock us like no one else !
Definitely a headliner in the making and we recommend you also check them out on their tourdates supporting TALCO around january 2013.

Like every year, we will also have a LOCAL BAND to open and support this great lineup, drink our special whiskey offers, beer and cider, enjoy the decoration and the certain folkpunkrockparty atmosphere, were like to create.

With this spirit and spirits we will already start to party hard the night before at the world famous rockandroll joint Wild at Heart.

Tickets can be found here:

Don’t hesitate to book your ticket & trip early, to make shure to be part of the party !

Sláinte !!!

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Folk Punk Rock Festival - LineUp 2013

Für das Folk Punk Rock Festival 2013 sind 4 Bands bestätigt:
Bastards On Parade, Paddy And The Rats, The Men They Couldn't Hang, The Roughneck Riot

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ROCKHARZ 2022 (1), Hörnerfest 2020 (1), NAU-Rock Open Air 2019 (1), WACKEN 2019 (1), Ruhrpott Rodeo 2019 (1), Rock Im Hinterland 2018 (1)

Karten für Folk Punk Rock Festival 2013

18 VVK@

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